On August 8, 2007, exactly one day before the birth of our second son, I sat in the doctor’s office with a sketchpad. I let my pencil gently touch the paper and almost instantly the ideas began to flow. As my sketches began to cover the paper, so too did the ideas begin to fill my head.

The journey began long ago with a dream, a desire, a yearning to do something great... I needed more from life. In order to be successful, I had to do more, work harder, pray longer, dream bigger. Inspiration is all around us, and that was my moment to seize and nurture MOZAC.

After years of trials, setbacks and speed bumps, Hope and Ambition allowed this Dream to grow into what we Believe will be a brand everyone will be proud to represent. A brand for the mind, body and soul. A brand that speaks to people from all walks of life, that teaches everyone to be financially successful, that nourishes the soul and feeds the mind, that illuminates the intellectual beauty of women and honors brave and humble young men, that empowers youth and encourages excellence from our leaders. MOZAC is a brand for those who dream and those who help others' dreams come true, MOZAC is Selflessness.
MOZAC is a symbol of hope, peace, prosperity, wealth, humility, dignity, honor, chivalry, respect, equality, love, justice, inspiration, ambition, unity, diversity, roots, origins, past, present and future of humanity.
MOZAC is our gift to those who want more from life, who want to excel in every aspect of their personal life and rub off on others in the process. Be good to others, be great to all, be honest with yourself, stand tall, dream big and worry small.

Rock the gear, Say the name, Change the World!