MOZAC Apparel Goes Aqua for Agua (Water)

MOZAC Apparel Goes Aqua for Agua(Water) 
Portion of proceeds will benefit Water Conservation


For Immediate Release

March 17, 2016 

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – Mozac Apparel will be participating in ‘Earth Hour’ as a commitment to our planet for the rest of the year. Portion of proceeds from the ‘Aqua For Agua’ collection will benefit water conservation efforts throughout the United Sates & the world. One simple, conscious effort such as turning off the water as you brush your teeth can lead to good habits to conserve water and raise awareness around the world of the vitality of water in everyone’s life.

The MOZAC Apparel logo is glowing with hues of blue and green earth tone colors and is gaining recognition for its intriguing elements. “The logo represents the equality between men and women, the pursuit of knowledge and the connection between the celestial and the terrestrial”, says Basit Hasan, visionary for MOZAC Apparel. The moon is symbolic of a journey and was chosen from crescent to full moon, signifying the beginning of one’s journey, overcoming life’s obstacles and successfully completing that journey utilizing knowledge and reflection.

 The “Aqua For Agua” collection, available exclusively on, will contribute to raising awareness on the importance of conserving water, sanitation & providing clean drinking water to all Americans and to people across the globe. “Once you disconnect yourself from the Earth, you disconnect yourself from humanity, sometimes your own humanity”, says Mr. Hasan. “It is our connection to something greater that allows us to be great”, “MOZAC Apparel is looking to be great for others, thru our apparel and our vision.”


About MOZAC Apparel

MOZAC Apparel is a fun, energetic, hip, intellectual and inspirational apparel company. We want to inspire the creativity & intelligence within each of us to elevate humanity to greater heights. MOZAC is a symbol of Hope, Prosperity, Humility, Inspiration, Ambition, Honor, Diversity, Respect and Past, Present & Future of Humanity.

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Basit Hasan, Visionary,, -

March 17, 2016 by Basit Hasan

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